Aptis, a new mobility experience

Resulting from the collaboration between Alstom and NTL, Aptis is a new 100%-electric mobility solution that offers all the advantages of the tram in a bus. Designed to ensure a clean and efficient transport system for cities, Aptis offers a new passenger experience with its low floor and 20% more glass surfaces.

Product sheet "Aptis, a new mobility experience"


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A new way to travel

Thanks to the expertise of Alstom and NTL, Aptis has been designed to provide cities with a solution that benefits from the advantages of the tram while preserving the existing infrastructure.

Better accessibility

Aptis provides an area of low floor spanning 20m² for better fluidity on board. This new solution is composed of 2 or 3 double doors like the tram to facilitate passenger ascent / descent and provide a solution adapted to people with reduced mobility or passengers with strollers.

A premium passenger experience

This new mobility solution provides a 360 ° view thanks to its panoramic bay windows on both sides of the vehicle. Aptis offers 20% more glass surfaces compared to a bus for a brighter interior. A lounge with a bow window is also provided at the far end of the vehicle to enjoy the view.

A new way to travel

The four-wheel steering system makes it possible to minimise space in curves (-25% compared to a standard bus) and in stations (2 additional cars can be parked at each stop). With its automatic control system, Aptis aligns itself perfectly to the side of the road to improve passenger flow and increase accessibility, in particular for wheelchair users. Combined with the double doors, all these elements help to reduce time in the station.

An integrated system for an optimised total cost of ownership

Aptis is designed to optimise the total cost of ownership. The architecture is based on the proven components of the tram: the body, the doors, the engine and the traction system. These components have a life span of more than 20 years. Maintenance costs are reduced thanks to easy access to the batteries in the roof, the 4 standard wheels and the engine’s air cooling system, reaching an overall cost of ownership over 20 years equivalent to diesel buses currently in circulation.


Aptis virtual visit

Welcome to this exclusive virtual tour of our new mobility experience, Aptis. Click on the picture below to start the virtual experience (Best viewed on Chrome or Firefox browsers).

  • Use the mouse cursor to move around yourself.
  • Click on the red circles to move around Aptis and visit the interior (or use the chart in left part of the screen).
  • Click on one the Aptis models in the right part of the screen to switch livery and environment.
  • Press F11 for full screen experience.