Alstom and NTL inaugurate the underground section of the T6 tram line in Ile-de-France

On June 11, Ms. Valérie Pécresse, President of the STIF and the Ile-de-France Region, Elisabeth Borne, Chief Executive Officer of the RATP, Benoît Stéphan, Director of Sales and Marketing at Alstom France, and David Journet, Chief Executive Officer of NTL, inaugurated the underground section of the T6 line of the Ile-de-France tram.

28 Translohr STE6 (46 m) tramways on tyres have been running since 2014 on the T6 line to the Robert Wagner stop. The start of regular service on the underground section, the final stretch to be deployed, represents a major technical challenge for NTL, with the 1.6 km Viroflay tunnel passage, including a 10% grade. This performance is made possible by the ability of Translohr tramways on tyres to overcome grades[1], combining the grip of the tyres and an additional two-axle motor[2].

Ordered in December 2007[3] by the RATP, the trams of the T6 line can carry up to 255 passengers[4]. They are exceptionally easy to integrate into the urban environment, with a small footprint[5] and short turning radius[6]. Their tyre-based structure and guidance system installed on a central radius make the trams quiet[7] and comfortable.

For the T5 line between Saint-Denis and Garges-Sarcelles, the STIF and the RATP confirmed, on June 1st, the decision to order 4 new STE3 trams (25 m), renewing their confidence in the Translohr trams provided by Alstom and NTL. This addition to the fleet[8] will enable the line’s capacity to increase 25%. The four trams are expected to be delivered by the end of 2017.

136 trams are currently in service worldwide (Shanghai, Tianjin, Padua, Venice-Mestre, and Medellín) and in France (Clermont-Ferrand, Ile-de-France), and 140 have been ordered around the world.

[1] Overcomes grades up to 13%.
[2] The wheel motor.
[3] Amount of the order: €97 million.
[4] Capacity: 255 passengers (4 pass./m²).
[5] 5.18 m dual tangent track.
[6] 10.5 m.
[7] No vibrations or screeching in turns.
[8] 15 STE3 trams have been running on the T5 line since 2013.