Medellín tram line provided by Alstom and NTL enters full service

The Ayacucho tram line, in Medellín, Colombia, was placed in full commercial service on March 31, 2016. It was inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Luis Pérez, Governor of Antioquia (presence to be confirmed), Mr. Fédérico Guttierez, the Mayor of Medellín, Ms. Claudia Patricia Restrepo, Chief Executive of the Medellín Metro, and Mr. Guillaume Legoupil, Sales Director of NTL. This 4.3-km line is expected to transport nearly 85,000 passengers a day.

Ordered in April 2012 by the Medellín Metro authority, 12 Translohr trams on tyres now run on this line. Their unique ability to overcome steep grades and fit into the existing infrastructure are particularly suited to the city’s topography, with maximum grades of 12% and curves with a turning radius of 20 m along the route. These assets also help to optimize the total cost of the system: Less civil engineering work, lower infrastructure costs, and smaller maintenance facilities.

The Ayacucho is the first tram line on tyres in Latin America. It was inaugurated on October 20, 2015, entering partial service at no charge to passengers. Connections to two cable car lines that serve hard-to-access neighbourhoods are currently planned, one in July 2016 and one in early 2017.