Alstom and NTL carry out the first test on the tracks of the Ayacucho tramway line

Alstom and NTL successfully tested the first tram on the tracks of the Ayacucho tramway line in Medellín, Colombia. The trams will be operated by Metro de Medellín on the 4.3 km-long line which connects the city’s metro lines A and B and two new metrocable lines. The line, which comprises nine stations, is scheduled to be partially open by October 2015 and is expected to reach 85,000 passengers per day.

In April 2012, the city of Medellín ordered 12 Translohr STE5 trams (each 39 metres long) from NTL. The NTL trams are highly efficient and offer exceptional benefits in terms of their insertion into the urban landscape, including a clearance gauge of 5.18 metres and a turning radius of 10.5 metres. The trams can easily run on gradients of up to 13%, particularly relevant for the Ayacucho line which includes slopes with gradients of 12%. This enables cost-optimization of the whole system: less civil works, reduced infrastructure costs and smaller maintenance facilities.