At the 2014 European Mobility Exhbition for Public Transit, the Translohr Prime won the innovation award in the category “Accessibility – Furnishings – Comfort – Design,” held by the consortium Objectif Transport Public that includes the GART (an association of transit authorities) and UTP (a public transit union).

The Translohr Prime is a new lightweight transport system, that is economical, guided, single-direction and electric and developed by NTL, intended as an alternative to bus rapid transit (BRT), whose transport capabilities are limited and not upgradable.

Besides its assets in terms of silent running and lack of vibration, the Translohr Prime, which comes in a full line of vehicles, is a transportation system with a strong ability to fit into its environment: A very short turning radius, optimized gauge, and capacity to overcome steep slopes. Particularly owing to its constant, total guidance by a central rail, the Translohr Prime needs less than 5.18 m of platform width to be used on dual tangent track (7m for an articulated bus).

Translohr is an innovative technology designed, developed, and assembled in France by NTL in Duppigheim in the region of Strasbourg (300 employees), owned by Alstom (51%) and BPI France (49%).

Thanks to the support of the Alstom Group, NTL’s development is now stronger, particularly internationally, in order to better serve a promising market for both its Translohr STE solution and Translohr Prime.