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NTL is a provider of innovative solutions for public transport. The company designs and manufactures a range of Translohr tramways that run on rubber tyres. NTL’s new generation of electrically-powered transport systems address the eco-mobility objectives of municipalities around the world: clean transportation, capacity, easy-access, near-silent operation, as well as easy insertion into the existing urban road systems. NTL’s know-how has contributed to the development of other innovative transport systems, such as Aptis, a 100% mobility experience which was developped with Alstom. Aptis won the Innovation Label at Busworld Awards in October 2017. More information about Aptis on www.alstom.com

NTL was created in October 2012 and employs 120 people on its site in Hangenbieten in France. NTL shares are held by Alstom (100%).

NTL is ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality standards since January 2014.

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Medellín tram line provided by Alstom and NTL enters full service

The Ayacucho tram line, in Medellín, Colombia, was placed in full commercial service on March 31, 2016. It was inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Luis Pérez, Governor of Antioquia (presence to be confirmed), Mr. Fédérico Guttierez, the Mayor of Medellín, Ms. Claudia Patricia Restrepo, Chief Executive of the Medellín Metro, and Mr. Guillaume Legoupil, Sales Director of NTL. This 4.3-km line is expected to transport nearly 85,000 passengers a day.

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Tramways on tyres

Preserve the urban environment.

Translohr tramways on tyres easily fit into cities due to their limited footprint (5.18m dual tangent track), short turning radius (10.5 m) and ability to overcome grades up to 13%.

For the comfort of all.

A fully guided system on tyres with a single central rail, the Translohr stands apart for its silent running, for the comfort of passengers and neighbours alike. The integral low floor (25 cm from the ground) and smaller gap in the station make it easier for people with disabilities to get on board.

Optimised infrastructure.

The trams’ narrow gauge and their low axle load (9 tonnes/axle) make it possible to substantially reduce the necessary infrastructure work, owing particularly to a limited platform height (24 to 30 cm) and optimized depot surface area (up to 50% compared to a conventional tramway).

tramways in operation

Translohr Features

Narrow clearance gauge: 5.18 m

Narrow clearance gauge: 5.18 m

The narrow gauge of Translohr tramways on tyres (2.2 m) helps its unique ability to fit into existing streets, with a footprint of 5.18 (tangent track), the lowest on the market. This feature makes it possible to optimise infrastructure with a smaller track width, particularly in historic or enclosed centre cities.

Short turning radius: 10.5 m

Short turning radius: 10.5 m

The tram's single-track route and narrow gauge give Translohr a unique ability to fit into existing streets, with a very short turning radius (10.5 m), which is particularly suited to historic city centres with tight curves or unique topography. This performance enables the tram to do a half-turn in a roundabout, for instance.

Run up slopes of 13 %

Run up slopes of 13 %

The grip of the tyres aids the traction and braking performance of Translohr trams, with a unique ability to overcome grades up to 13%. For longer trams (39 and 46 m), the axles can be fitted with additional motors (wheel motors).

Integral low floor: 25 cm

Integral low floor: 25 cm

The integral low floor (25 cm high) makes the tram accessible to people with disabilities. The reduced gap in the station allows wheelchair users and strollers to board more easily.

Zero C02 emissions

Zero C02 emissions

As a 100% electric guided urban transport system, the Translohr emits no CO2 and serves cities' sustainable development and green mobility strategies.

Silent running

Silent running

The tyres allow the trams to run especially quietly, both inside and outside the trams, with no vibrations or screeching in turns for the comfort of passengers and neighbours.


  • Tram sets: 3 to 6 modules
  • Length: 25 m (STE3) to 46 m (STE6)
  • Capacity: 178 to 358 passengers (6 p/sqm)

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